dimanche 28 mai 2017

Patty Brard critical of André Hazes Jr.

Patty and André Jr.

In her latest column for Weekend magazine, Patty Brard is very critical of her SBS 6 colleague André Hazes Jr. The "Shownieuws" diva thinks that the young man is rude to his mother Rachel Hazes. Patty has been close to the Hazes for many years (see article posted on November 7th, 2016). 

This family feud reminds Patty of her conflict with her daughter Priscilla.

At a recent album release party she heard André Jr. say that "he didn't have any parent". "Why? Don't say that you have no parent cause you have one whether you want it or not," Patty writes.

The former Luv' singer preaches at the son of the late and iconic Dutch singer André Hazes

"Don't hurt your mother. You know how emotional she gets and how she has already been hurt," she adds. 

Click here to read the column.

Patty's reaction to this family argument has been covered by several Dutch celebrity news websites and has been a trending toping on Twitter

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