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Hans van Hemert: sincere on Ivo Niehe's TV Show and celebrated in "Gooisch Blad"

Yesterday, Ivo Niehe's TV Show on AVROTROS/NPO 1 featured an interview with legendary record producer and songwriter Hans van Hemert. The program was high in the ratings and drew 1.553.000 viewers (market share: 24.2%). It reached #4 on SKO's Dag Top 25 (the daily list of the 25 most-watched programs (conceived by Dutch audience measurement company Stichting KijkOnderzoek).

Luv's father was straightforward during his conversation with Ivo.

Hans comes from a very artistic family. His father was TV director Willy van Hemert (1912 - 1993) who wrote the lyrics of two winning Dutch songs for the Eurovision Song Contest ("Net als toen" performed by Corry Brokken in 1957 and "Een beetje" performed by Teddy Scholten in 1959). His brother was film director Ruud van Hemert (who passed away in 2012). Ruud reached his peak with movies like Schaatjes! (1984) and Mama is boos (1986) which were box office-hits in the Netherlands. His other sibblings are also artists: sister Ellen and brother Eric are both actors and painters. 

Before the broadcast of his interview with Hans, Ivo mentioned the highlights of his career (the international success of Mouth & MacNeal and Luv', "The Elephant Song" (Frank Sinatra was supposed to record it but Australian singer Kamahl performed it and had a #1 hit with it in Holland in 1975). 

The interview was taped in Hans' house in Blaricum, NL. 

Van Hemert's trademark is the use of easy lyrics ("Nanana" or "Shananana") on some of his classic hits ("How do you do?" by Mouth & MacNeal (1971), "Als het om de liefde gaat" by Sandra & Andres (1972) or "You're the Greatest Lover" by Luv' (1978)

The iconic producer discussed his misfortune in business (tax evasion issues, misappropriation of funds by one of his lawyers....). 

Hans also talked about his difficult relationship with his father (who got married five times and preferred to focus on his work and his love life rather than being interested in his children). 

When he received his Buma Lifetime Achievement Award recently (see news posted on March 7th, 2017), he dedicated his prize to his late wife Pauck (the mother of his two older daughters who died 18 years ago). Now he is happy with his partner, a classy lady named Willy (who appeared briefly on the show). She said that their favourite place was their house in Marthomis, South France.

Hans and Willy

Hans also told funny stories about his parrot Jaap. He revealed a behind-the-scenes fact about "Wij houden van Oranje" (a cult football song performed by André Hazes to support the Netherlands national soccer team at the UEFA Euro 1988). This track was initially intended for Willeke Alberti

Hans discussed his health issues. Once again, he has problems with his prostate cancer and will soon undergo a radiation therapy. This bad news has been covered today by several celebrity news websites (De Telegraaf, Shownieuws, Weekend...).

Click here to watch TV Show (the interview starts at 27:08). 

Shortly after the broadcast of the program, José Hoebee reacted on her Facebook page and posted this message:

"I've just watched Hans van Hemert on Ivo Niehe's show....Nice....We are still happy about the fact that Piet Souer and him took us to the top. We were a perfect combination....Their songs and our presentation...I had to laugh about his "Shananana" story...I was the lady who didn't agree with these lyrics....Anytime I commented on them, he said: "It's catchy and that's what it's all about"....He was so right....Despite troubles all through the years, one thing remains the same....Our appreciation for what Piet and him did...and how we had success together and we still carry on. I rarely post something about myself and Luv'....But after this interview I want to post this one....Hans knows why....Good night and see you later..."

José put a video of "Mother of the hearts" online. This track appeared on the Luv's fourth album "Forever Yours" in 1980. This emotional ballad deal with Hans' tough childhood.

Luv': Mother of the Hearts (1980)

Moreover, the April issue of Dutch magazine "Gooisch Blad" features an article about the life of the Maestro entitled "Ode to Pauck van Hemert" (Thanks Marco for the tip!!!).

Click here to read it. 

Source: AVROTROS/NPO 1, SKO, Facebook, De Telegraaf, Weekend, Shownieuws, Gooisch Blad...

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