dimanche 30 avril 2017

Martin Vink in "Side by Side": "Luv'...like a fairy tale!"

The latest issue of "Side by Side", a magazine for the personnel of "Schiphol" features an interview with long-time Luv' fan and friend Martin Vink who works in a newspaper kiosk at the Amsterdam international airport

Here's a translation in English of this article:

Luv'...like a fairytale....the hobby of Martin Vink

Martin remembers it very well: he was 5 years old when he watched "TopPop" on TV. All of a sudden three gorgeous women appeared - Disco-pop group Luv' - who performed their hit "You're the Greatest Lover". The life of little Martin would never be the same.

What's so nice about Luv'?
Martin: It's the combination of their music, costumes and charisma. Now I'm 44 and I still think that they are fantastic. This feeling is still intense from day one. I'm in touch with the singers and there is a friendship between me and them. I always say: I've grown up with these girls.

After their first performance on TopPop how did your passion evolve?
Martin: I received Luv's LP for my birthday. I learned their dance routines on each songs so I could imitate them. We had a subscription to "Story" and "Popfoto" (Dutch magazines) so I could collect clippings. It was the beginning of my collection of scrapbooks. 

Your collection of scrapbooks?
Martin: Yes next year I hope to have my 100th scrapbooks. I've been collecting many articles for 32 years. 

Wow, one hundred scrapbooks...you should write a book about them?
Martin: It's funny that you're saying that because another fan of Luv' and a friend of mine Peter Boonstra did it. He wrote a book about the ladies including beautiful stories and pictures that Luv' fans shared. It was an amazing publication and a real tribute to the group. Just before the book came out, former Luv' singer Patty Brard announced that she wanted to veto it. She even wanted to destroy this project and wanted to sue the author. The book never came out. So no, I won't write a book. 

Did the other singers agree with this decision?
Martin: No, not at all. José Hoebee and Marga Scheide were very disappointed. They really appreciated to read stories of the fans. 

The group went through line-up changes, right?
Martin: Yes indeed. In 1980 Patty Brard left the group and was replaced by Ria Thielsch. Ria and me really click. She's such a sweetheart. One day I decided to phone her. I found her number in the telephone directory. That's how it started. Marga had a shop in Utrecht. I often visited her. And José lived in Huizen. I just phoned her. These women are great. I see them also backstage because they still give performances. We often communicate by Whatsapp

What's your best memory with Luv'?
Martin: On October 20th, 1996, they sang at the Ahoy in Rotterdam. There was a revival of interest in the bands from the 1970s: ABBA, Boney M. and Luv' of course. With three friends I knocked on the door of their dressing room and to my great surprise we were allowed to come in. I talked a lot with Marga, José and Patty and we posed for photographs. They acted normal. Luv' have never been "drugs and rock and roll". 

What's up now?
Martin: Ria, Marga and José have a full agenda until the end of next year and I keep on following them. Maybe I'll have more than 100 scrapbooks. It will never stop. When I was young everybody thought: "this hobby will be short-lived". But I proved them wrong. 

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