mercredi 19 avril 2017

40 years of Hitkrant

On March 28th, the last issue of Dutch legendary teen magazine "Hitkrant" (specialized in music and entertainment news) was published. Due to the success of internet (music websites, social media, etc...), the paper version of this publication stops. The magazine goes on with an online version. 

The birth of Hitkrant practically coincided with the launch of Luv'. The first issue came out on January 7th, 1977. Several months later, Luv' released their debut single "My Man".

During their heyday, the ladies often appeared in Hitkrant and even graced several times the cover of this iconic publication. The fans appreciated especially the XXL posters of the girls. 

On June 18th, 1981 Luv' caused a sensation when they took part in the Hitkrant's zomerspelen (a summer multi-sport event with celebrities which was sponsored by the teen magazine) at the Efteling theme park. This competition took place a few months after the announcement of their first break-up. 

Marga Scheide, José Hoebee & Ria Thielsch at the Hitkrant's zomerspelen

In January 1983, José won the Hitkrant award for "Holland's most popular female singer of 1982".

Hitkrant: posters and covers with Luv'

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