samedi 11 mars 2017

Patty's column about her future

Patty Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with her profesionnal future. In September, her contract with SBS 6 will end. The diva has spent 10 years on this channel (see news posted on January 11th, 2017). The chances of extending her contract are small. "As a woman of 61 years old, I'm experienced. But some think I'm not fresh anymore. Too look thin seems more important than being competent," the former Luv' singer wrote.

Patty is right when she tells than her age and her appearance might be obstacles to the renewal of her deal. However, she forgets to mention the list of her TV flops in the past two years ("Mindmasters Live", "Met de deur in huis", the decrease in ratings of the third season of "Bonje met de buren", "Thuis op Zondag" and "Stem van Nederland"). Only SBS 6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" (in which she appears regularly as an expert) remains popular

La Brard is planning her future and expects her career on TV to end. The launch of her corrective underwear line has been a success. After her recent presentation at the Huishoudbeurs (household fair) in Amsterdam, 30.000 units were sold. What a promising start! Patty intends to open a shop called "By Patty" in Ibiza. She wants to sell tunics, corrective swimsuits, hats, candles, cuddly toys representing her dogs Bibi and Lulu and other items.

As far as she is concerned, Patty would like to stay on "Shownieuws" for a couple of years.

Click here to read her column.

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