dimanche 5 mars 2017

O'G3NE reveal "Lights and Shadows" for the Eurovision Song Contest

Two days ago, Dutch girl group O'G3NE revealed the track "Lights and Shadows" that they will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine in May. The presentation of the song could be followed live on AVROTROS official Facebook page and YouTube channel. 

Later on the same day, they performed their Eurovision entry on RTL 4's talk show "RTL Late Night". Today they will appear on RTL 4's program "Carlo's TV Café" at 6.10 pm. 

O'G3NE on RTL Late Night

O'G3NE consist of sisters Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol. Last Summer, the trio shared the stage with Luv' at the Zomeravond Spektakel in Etten-Leur and at the Ladies Day festival in Hellevoetsluis (see news posted on August 15th, 2016). 

José Hoebee posted two messages about O'G3NE and the ESC on Facebook

"The song of O'G3NE is known....they're already the winners or the loosers....Actually I don't care. Eurovision has been a puppet show for years. I follow it until the Netherlands are in the competition. I really hope that they will go through to the final. Like Ilse and Waylon. Many thought from the start that this would be a failure....Fortunately it didn't happen...To me it isn't a song contest anymore....," the singer wrote on March 3rd. 

"I thought of the commotion related to the Dutch entry for the Eurovision song contest. I'm not commercial at all. I remember when our producer Hans called me to tell that from all the songs we recorded for our first album "The Greatest Lover" would be the lead single. I came from the folk and country circuit and I was not comfortable with the change in my image. They made me a sexy and good looking girl. I recorded nice songs but "Hey Hello" was too childish to me...I didn't appreciate it. I'm so glad that I didn't have an influence on the choice of our singles....It's so nice that after 40 years people still put their hands up in the air when they see me..I'm so proud of it...Hans saw it well. Did he know it in advance? It's impossible. Of course a commercial ear is important but how can some "experts" know that the three sisters will fail in the song contest. I think it's arrogant and not motivating for the girls...Now I stop talking about it....I hope that they will enjoy to sing and that the bookmakers are wrong.....," José wrote on March 4th.

Source: Facebook, NOS, AVROTROS, YouTube, ESCdaily.com....

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