mercredi 15 février 2017

Patricia Paay: Holland's biggest sex tape scandal

A sex tape featuring Dutch celebrity Patricia Paay was posted on (a blog owned by Telegraaf Media Groep) and social media last week. The singer and media personality appeared in a "golden shower" which caused a huge scandal in the Netherlands. The shocking video was later removed from Geenstijl but it was too late: the damage was done and the consequences were irreversible. La Paay was mercilessly ridiculed by the whole country. 

Yesterday Patricia was the guest on KRO-NCRV/NPO 1's talk show "Jinek" to discuss this catastrophic situation. The TV program was a great success in terms of viewing figures. It drew 1.425.000 viewers (market share: 40.6%). Patricia told that she was living a nightmare and that she could not leave her home. She even wanted to commit suicide. Her career has collapsed within a mouse click. Her lawyer Johan Langelaar is preparing a claim against the responsible persons. Patricia is advised by crime reporters John van den Heuvel and Peter R. de Vries. An investigation is still conducted by the police. 

Patricia Paay interviewed by Eva Jinek (NPO 1)

Patricia knows the Luv' ladies.

In 2011, Patty Brard, Tatjana Simic and her took part in the high-rated reality show "Diva's draaien Door" on RTL 4

In early 2013, when José Hoebee was a contestant on the celebrity ice skating show "Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs" on SBS 6, Miss Paay was a judge on the program and was very nice to the Luv' singer.

On February 9th, José reacted to this controversy on her Facebook page. She wrote that she didn't appreciate the jokes on Patricia and the fact that she was the target of constant attacks. 

Patty's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with this touchy issue. Click here to read it. The SBS 6 star thinks that the leak of the video is horrible for her former colleague but on the hand she doesn't understand why she let a man piss on her. 

Source: De Telegraaf, Geenstijl, RTL Boulevard, Privé,, Weekend....

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