vendredi 10 février 2017

Interview with Marga Scheide on "Arbeidsvitaminen"

Marga Scheide and her partner Michiel Gunning

Yesterday, Marga Scheide gave a phone interview on NPO Radio 5's show "Arbeidsvitaminen" (hosted by Hans Schiffers). She said that there were good aspects in being older (you were more secure and had more rest). She added that she still enjoyed her performances with Luv' and that she was busy relaunching the group in Germany. 
She told an anecdote about British-American rock band Foreigner (known for their world hit "I want to know what love is" in early 1985). The blonde singer attended one of their concerts. 1000 people were supposed to come but only 200 were there. This failure was due to the fact that an important football match took place at the same time. Marga drew the attention of the band which sang especially for her.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Source: NPO Radio 5

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