samedi 21 janvier 2017

Roy Donders and Patty present their duet single at the "Polonaise 2017" show

On January 19th, Roy Donders and Patty Brard performed their duet single "Wat zijn ze lekker" for the first time during the taping for the TV show "Polonaise 2017" of "Hart voor Muziek" at the Witte Huis in Zeeland, NL. 

The text of this Carnival song is a shining example of double entendre: "Wat zijn ze lekker, wat zijn ze groot. Twintig centimeter, Brabants worstenbrood" ("They taste so good, they are so big. 20 centimeters of Brabants sausage roll"). 

Roy and Patty came up with this idea for a while. "We've been in touch for a couple of years," La Brard told Dutch local TV channel "Omroep Brabant" before her performance. "Anytime we met, I giggled just because I saw him".

"Since day one we've had lots of fun. It's important to enjoy what you do," Roy explained. 

The audience seemed to appreciate their duet. "They even sang along," Patty said.

TV report about Roy & Patty's duet on Omroep Brabant

"Wat zijn ze lekker" by Roy Donders & Patty Brard appears on the compilation "Polonaise Deel 13" (released by Berk Music). 

Click here to download the album on iTunes
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Source: Omroep Brabant, Berk Music

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