jeudi 15 décembre 2016

Patty's latest news

* On December 13th, the 11.00 P.M edition of "Shownieuws" (SBS 6's entertainment news program featuring Patty Brard, Kees Tol and Koos van Plateringen) attracted 698.000 viewers  (market share: 17.6%).

Koos, Kees and Patty backstage at "Shownieuws"

Source: SBS 6, SKO, Patty Brard on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

* Patty's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with elderly people who suffer from loneliness. Click here to read it.  

Source: Weekend

* On December 14th, Dutch TV channel BNN announced that Patty Brard and Richard Groenendijk would be one of the couples that would take part in the second season of the TV program "De gevaarlijkste wegen van de wereld'. The two celebrities will travel through Sri Lanka. They will be tested on their driving ability, courage and patience on the most dangerous roads in the world. The first episode of the reality TV show will air on January 4th on BNN/NPO 3

Source: BNN, De Telegraaf,, AD...

Patty is one of the Dutch female celebrities helping teen mothers who will appear in the next season of BNN reality program "Vier handen op één buik". The first episode will air on January 3rd at 8:30 P.M on BNN/NPO 3. Patty already took part in the previous season (see news posted on February 25th, 2016). Prior to the start of the new series, BNN will broadcast a look back (in two parts) to teen mothers from the previous season on December 20th and 27th. 


* Recently, the former Luv' singer and her SBS 6 colleagues took part in the taping of "SBS Sterren Surprise". Pictures have been posted on social media. The TV program will air on December 21st. Its aim is to fulfill the dreams of people.

Patty and her SBS 6 colleagues (including Viktor Brand, Irene Moors, Kees Tol...)

Airen Mylene, Irene Moors & Patty Brard

Source: Patty on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

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