vendredi 11 novembre 2016

Patty disses Luv' on "Celebrity Stand-up"

Yesterday, the latest episode of "Celebrity Stand-Up" (a new TV program on Comedy Central) featured Patty Brard. The show only drew 41.000 viewers (market share: 0.7%) as it was broadcast on a modest TV channel. 

The SBS 6 diva tried to show her stand-up skills by telling stupid and vulgar jokes about herself ("everybody's obsessed about my tits") and other celebrities. Of course, La Brard could not help targeting her ex-Luv' colleagues. 

"I had to choose between doing stand-up and performing with Luv' in Meppel for €350. So the choice was easy to make. José goes to Meppel for a free parking coupon telling "look what I've earned. I'm proud"," Patty said.

"I call Luv's comeback "the return of the mummies"," she added. 

José Hoebee reacted with class on Facebook. "I received messages about a TV program in which an ex colleague had a stand-up act. Very brave. I've heard that we were named in a disrespectful way. It's funny that some people need to name us to be interesting," she wrote. 

Click here to watch "Celebrity Stand-up".

Source: Comedy Central. 

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