dimanche 27 novembre 2016

Luv's record sales in Germany

Billboard magazine issue about  the German music market in 1979

Germany was Luv's biggest export market during their heyday in the late 1970s. Recently I've found an interesting article published in Billboard magazine (the Bible of the music industry) on December 8th, 1979 mentioning their record sales in Goethe's country. This article was part of a special issue about the achievements of the German recording industry in 1979. 

Roba Music was in charge of the publishing of their songs in the Federal Republic and communicated the record sales of three Luv' singles to the trade magazine:
  • Casanova (released in May 1979): 300.000 copies
  • Trojan Horse (released in November 1978): 480.000 copies
  • You're the Greatest Lover (released in July 1978): 650.000 copies
These sales are impressive and only concern one territory!!!

Article in Billboard magazine mentioning Luv's record sales

Source: Billboard

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