vendredi 11 novembre 2016

Leonard Cohen dies at age 82

Leonard Cohen photographed in London in June 1974.

Earlier today the media announced the death of one of the greatest musical geniuses from the past 50 years: Leonard Cohen. His folk songs ("Suzanne" (1967), "So Long Marianne" (1967), "Hallelujah" (1984)...) are timeless.

Leonard Cohen performing "Suzanne"

José Hoebee often mentioned his name in interviews and considered him as a major influence on her music. She even covered "So Long Marianne" with Ron Brandsteder in late 1983. The duo scored a hit in Holland and Belgium with their version of this classic track.

José & Ron Brandsteder: So Long Marianne (1984)

Luv's lead singer posted a message on Facebook: "Leonard Cohen....everything has already been said about him. When I was 14, no-one understood why I was a huge fan of his. Song from a room. I played it over and over again on my turntable. Together with my friend Ron Brandsteder I recorded "So Long Marianne" as a duet. So many covers of his songs have been made. I'm not the only one....I've received many WhatsApp messages to tell me that he died. As if I was his friend....Well....It felt this way a bit....Another icon gone....", she wrote.

May Leonard Cohen rest in peace. 

Source: Billboard, Facebook, Twitter

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