lundi 14 novembre 2016

Aaah those Germans!!!! They can't help covering "The Greatest Lover"!!!!

Luv's signature song "You're the Greatest Lover" has been covered by several artists since 1978. 

I've just found out that two German acts released their own versions of this classic pop hit several months ago:

  • Schlager singer Jack Gelee recorded it as "Ich will mit Dir ein Selfie" (I want a selfie with you). 

Official music video of "Ich will mit Dir ein Selfie" by Jack Gelee (released by Xtreme Sound)

Jack performing his song during Crazy Sunday at Bierkönig in Mallorca (June 2016)

Click here to download the track. 

  • German trio Feierwut put out "Hey Hallo wir sind heut auf Mallorca" in late May:

Hey Hello, Wir sind heut auf Mallorca by Feierwut (released by Blue Door Records)

Source: Facebook, Xtreme Sound, YouTube, Blue Door Records

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