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With Luv' from Carina

In the early 1990s, Luv's lineup consisted of Marga Scheide (the only original member), Diana van Berlo and Carina Lemoine. This version of the girl group was nicknamed "Marga's Luv'" by the fans (see Chapter VII of the trio's biography).

Carina is one of my Facebook friends and recently I asked her if she wanted to answer my questions for an interview. And you know what? She accepted. 

Since the break-up of Marga's Luv' in 1992, this talented vocalist has remained active in the music business. She has released several singles and has toured the Dutch festivals circuit. 

Ralph: When and how did you start your career in the music business?

Carina: I signed my first record deal (with my parents) when I was 12 years old and CNR put out my first single ("I Love Disco") produced by Roy Beltman who worked with  Bonnie St Claire and BZN.

Carina's first single "I Love Disco" (released in 1981)

Ralph: When and how were you recruited to become a Luv' singer?

Carina: In 1990, I took part in an audition for the group and I was selected from 100 applicants as a new member of Luv'. I was so happy.

Luv's line-up in 1991: Marga Scheide, Diana van Berlo & Carina Lemoine

Ralph: Do you remember your first TV show with Luv'?

Carina: I think it was the successful afternoon TV show "Tineke".

Ralph: How were the recording sessions of the "Sincerely Yours" album?

Carina: They took place at the Wisseloord studios where I also recorded my solo singles. It was intense because we were a trio and I also had to record background vocals. But it was very interesting and nice to have the opportunity to record a full-length album.

Ralph: According to you, what was your best TV performance with Luv'

Carina: I think the special we taped in Thailand was wonderful.

Luv' in Thailand (TV special, TROS, broadcast date: April 4th, 1991)

Ralph: Apart from the Netherlands and Belgium, you performed abroad. Where did you and the girls sing?

Carina: We performed on TV and on stage in Germany, Sweden, Lapland, Thailand, Dubai and Spain. 

Ralph:  What's your favourite track of the "original" trio?

Carina:  You're the greatest lover

Ralph: In 1992, Luv' disbanded. Why?

Carina: Unfortunately we were not on the same wavelength anymore.

Ralph: Are you still in touch with Marga Scheide?

Carina: No.

Ralph: After Luv', Diana and you formed a duo (Lady's D.C.). How long did it last? What's your opinion on this duo?

Carina: Approximately two years. Diana and me clicked together musically and we could express ourselves with Lady's D.C. Two years after being part of this duo, our manager Jaap Buijs offered to extend our contract (including a record deal). Unfortunately I didn't accept it due to private issues.

Record sleeve of "Now is the time" by Lady's D.C. (1994)

Ralph: What happened after Lady's DC?

Carina: After that, I didn't sing too much so I could focus totally on the upbringing of my daughter Angelina

Ralph: In 2013, you took part in SBS 6's talent show "Bloed, Zweet & Tranen". How was the competition? What happened?

Carina: I finished in the top 10 out of 4000 candidates. It was a wonderful platform and a good opportunity to appear on TV again. It generated good contacts. 

Carina on "Bloed, Zweet & Tranen" (2013)

Carina performing "Amsterdam" (originally recorded by Maggie MacNeal) on "Bloed, Zweet & Tranen" (2013)

Ralph: In 2014, you released the single "Niet te geloven". What happened after that?

Carina: Last year I released "Vanaf Vandaag"  and "Woonwagen Jochie" as singles. I often perform in dinner theaters (like Van der Valk). 

Vanaf Vandaag by Carina Lemoine (2015)

Woonwagen Jochie by Carina Lemoine (2015)

Ralph: What are your current and future plans?

Carina: At the moment I want to cover a song which used to be a big hit in the Netherlands. After I record it in the studio, we are going to check if we can release it as a single. I have a good feeling about it. Otherwise I'm coaching my daughter Angelina Lemoine who is also a singer and who will release her first single later that year.

Carina's daughter: Angelina 

Like mother, like daughter

Ralph: What about your music tastes? Which style or genre do you like?

Carina: I like many genres. Dutch pop music, Spanish/latino style, Dance, Jazz and Rock and Roll. 

Ralph: Who's your favourite Dutch or foreigner singer/band?

Carina: I like Helena Fischer from Germany and O'G3NE from the Netherlands very much.

Ralph: You know I'm French. Which French song or singer do you like?

Carina: I'm a fan of Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf.

BIG THANKS to Carina for making this interview possible!!! 

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