samedi 15 octobre 2016

Patty Brard: "Lil' Kleine should be in jail!"

Patty Vs Lil' Kleine

Last weekend, an incident during a flight of Scandinavian Airlines between Denmark and the Netherlands involved Dutch rapper Lil' Kleine who spitted on the face of a stewardess and grabbed the throat of the pilot in command. This clash was big news in Holland. 

As an expert on SBS 6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws", Patty Brard talked about this issue earlier this week. The former Luv' singer is not a fan of Lil' Kleine. "If the lyrics of your songs are so provocative and deals with hookers and misogynistic remarks, it's not surprising that you act like that for real," Patty said. The diva hoped that the young man would be severely judged: "If they sent him to Denmark, the situation can end up badly for him. In addition to the payment of a penalty, he might have a 40-day jail sentence. In the Netherlands, he would pay a fine and might perform community service. I hope that he will be punished in Denmark".

Last year, Patty already expressed her negative opinion on the rapper (see news posted on September 3rd, 2015). 


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