vendredi 28 octobre 2016

Pat's column about Gordon and Richard Groenendijk


Richard Groenendijk

Patty Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with Pop singer and TV personality Gordon as well as comedian and humorist Richard Groenendijk. The diva admires these two gentlemen who make her laugh very hard. Both of them have their own shows on RTL 4.

Richard's "De Jopie Parlevliet Show" was high in the ratings in 2015 and 2016. After the second season RTL 4 decided to stop the production of this program despite good viewing figures. According to the TV channel, it drew a "too old" audience which is not commercially attractive. 

However, Gordon's show "Nooit Meer Naar Huis" is less popular but is allowed to go on. Gordon's influence on RTL seems bigger than Richard's one. 

Patty refuses to choose a camp. She is a fan of the two entertainers and secretly she hopes that one day they will colloborate on a TV program together. 

Click here to read the column.

Source: Weekend

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