dimanche 2 octobre 2016

Luv's photonovel: latest episode

The latest episode of Luv's photonovel was posted yesterday on the group's official Facebook page.

Here's a translation in English for the non-Dutch fans:

After the press conference for Luv's new start, exclusive boutiques and creators were standing in line to dress the ladies but only one stood out above all the rest

Marga: We should give something for the wife of our sponsor!

José: Great idea...Let me be in charge of it because I'm very good at it.

Ria (thinking): Why not a present for himself? Men in fashion are always sooo sexy...

With lots of courage José was looking for something original....Guaranteed success because for the 88th birthday of her grandma she found a pair of fluorescent roller skates!!!

Marga: Oh nice!
José: Yes I've succeeded in findind something

José: It took a while to find it but I found something exclusive for you...it's unique!

Poor José! Her so-called exclusive present has been available in many places this summer... 

José: Don't you think I'm a trendsetter?
Marga (thinking): What a fool!

Ria's hunting instinct didn't make her realize José's blunder

Ria: Hey! Are you married actually?
Marga (thinking): Oh no Ria!!

Source: Luv's official Facebook Page

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