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Luv' on TV: 1993 - 2005


* January 14th: Interview with Luv' and Hans van Hemert on "De Verleiding" ( VARA/Nederland 3), Netherlands

* January 28th: Interview with Marga Scheide about Luv's debut on "De historie van de Nederlandse Popmuziek - Afl.4: 1976-1980" (NCRV), Netherlands

* April 20th: Megamix '93 on "De Staatsloterijshow" (RTL 4), Netherlands

"De Staatsloterijshow" on RTL 4, April 20h 1993

* April 27th: Report about Luv's reunion (AT5), Netherlands

* May 18th: Megamix '93 on "10 om te zien" (VTM), Belgium

* June 12th: You're the Greatest Lover on "Let's have a party" (RTL 4), Netherlands

* July 3rd: Megamix '93 on "Nederland Muziekland" (Veronica), Netherlands

* July 6thDiscover the world with Luv' (TV special taped on the British Virgin Islands)
Veronica/Nederland 2, Netherlands

* July 6th: Casanova on "Margriet" (VT1), Belgium

 September 9th: Dutch medley (De speeltuin/Dans je de hele nacht met mij/ik krijg een heel apart gevoel van binnen/Een kopje koffie) on "Hollandse Hit Festival" (Veronica), Netherlands

* Unknown broadcast date: Megamix '93 on "Heino - die Show" (SAT 1),  Germany

* Unknown broadcast date: You're the Greatest Lover and Trojan Horse on "OPA – Die Oldie-Parade" (N3), Germany

"OPA – Die Oldie-Parade" on N3 (Germany)


* May 27th: Interview with Luv' about Patty Brard's bankruptcy on "Deadline" (TROS), Netherlands


* July 13th: Excerpt from Trojan Horse on "Veronica Goes Back" (Veronica), Netherlands

* July 20th: Excerpt from "De Staatsloterijshow" on "Veronica Goes Back(Veronica), Netherlands


* June 21st: Interview with Marga Scheide and José Hoebee on "De Droogkap" (Call TV/Veronica), Netherlands

* July 25th: Rerun of Luv's performance in 1978 on "Te land, ter zee en in de lucht"- Gein op 't plein (TROS), Netherlands

* December 25th: Terug naar Luv' (TV Special about the 20th anniversary of the group) on AT5, Netherlands


* November 15th and December 28th: Interview with José Hoebee about Luv's popularity in 1978 on "De Televisiejaren" (NCRV), Netherlands


* March 26th: The best TV performances of Luv' on TROS (1978 - 1991) on "Voor Alle Fans" (TROS), Netherlands


* April: Item about Luv's fan club meeting in Breda (Omroep Brabant), Netherlands

* May 18th: Interview with Hans van Hemert about Luv' on "Nederpop: met hart en ziel - Disco of jongerencentrum" (Teleac/NOT), Netherlands


* October 7th: Interview with Patty Brard and Marga Scheide about the success of the #1 hit "You're the Greatest Lover" on "Theater van het sentiment" (KRO), Netherlands

* From October 7th to November 18th: Patty Brard, Marga Scheide and Chimène van Oosterhout on "Patty's Fort" (Yorin), Netherlands

* November 25th: Item about the feud between the Luv' ladies on "De 25 grootste showbizzruzies aller tijden" (SBS 6), Netherlands

* Unknown broadcast date: Interview with Luv' on Typisch '70s (RTL 4), Netherlands


* April 11th: Original Luv' trio on "Pat's Life" (Yorin), Netherlands

Source: YouTube, Beeld en Geluid

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