vendredi 7 octobre 2016

Luv' on TV: 1993 - 1996

TV report about Luv's success

"De Verleiding" on VARA/Nederland 3, January 14th 1993

Megamix '93

"De Staatsloterijshow" on RTL 4, April 20h 1993

"Nederland Muziekland" on Veronica, July 3rd 1993

"Heino - die Show" on SAT 1 (Germany)

TV ad for Luv' Gold (compilation)

TV ad on Dutch TV

You're the Greatest Lover (1993)

"Let's have a party" on RTL 4, June 12th, 1993

Discover the world with Luv' (TV special taped on the British Virgin Islands)

Veronica/Nederland 2, July 6th 1993

Dutch medley (1993)

"Hollandse Hit Festival" on Veronica, September 9th, 1993

Trojan Horse (1993)

"OPA – Die Oldie-Parade" on N3 (Germany)

Interview with Marga and José on "De Droogkap" (Call TV/Veronica) - 1996

Terug naar Luv' (TV Special)

Special about the 20th anniversary of Luv' on AT5, December 25th 1996

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