vendredi 9 septembre 2016

Video: Luv' @ Ploegfestival

On August 28th, Luv' performed at the Ploegfestival in Bergeijk, NL. I already posted an article about this show (click here to read it). Recently Dutch local channel "Kempen TV" posted a video about the highlights of the festival on its YouTube channel. 

Luv' appear at 7:55

The video includes Luv' performing "Casanova" and "Welcome To My Party" as well as a backstage interview with the ladies. 

"It was very pleasant. The weather was fine. It didn't rain. Everybody was enthusiastic and had fun. So did we," Marga Scheide said during the interview. When asked if they still enjoyed being on stage, José Hoebee answered: "we still love it. It's so nice that after 40 years so many people like our music".

Luv' interviewed by Kempen TV

Source: Facebook (Ploegfestival) and YouTube (Kempen TV).

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