lundi 19 septembre 2016

Luv's photonovel (featuring Hans Klok)

Earlier today, the latest episode of Luv's photonovel was posted on Facebook. It features Dutch illusionist Hans Klok. Yesterday, the ladies attended his amazing show at the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam (see previous post).

Here's a translation in English:

We all know that Luv's act has been a great success for so many years but to make it more spectacular the fearless Marga came up with a wonderful idea....

Marga: Look guys! With a bit of luck we'll be here with an eclectic show...

Marga: Girls, we're going to amuse the audience with conjuring tricks between songs...It's funny and it must not be difficult...
Ria: OK make me appear something handsome, a bit taller than I am and preferably with long and blonde curls

Marga: I know a trick and I'm going to explain it to Hans.
José: Once at school I used to do a trick with candles and a lighter...four days later they were still damping down the flames...Ha Ha!

Marga: I'm going to show you something great but please...don't steal it for your next show, ok?

Hans: Well...I'm curious about it!
Marga: Hans, look....The two of them get in...

Marga: Abracadabra
Hans: Mmm....nowadays everybody is coming out of the closet....

Marga: Get out of here Ria....! And José: bye bye!!!
Hans: Wow...But...Hey!...Move aside!

Hans: Hey Baco! What have you done to José?
Baco (thinking): Can I get out of the closet?

Hans, thank you so much for this wonderful afternoon!!!

Hans: Everybody has their own style, girls....Come on, let's have a drink!
Marga (thinking): I think we have to keep on singing...

Source: Facebook

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