mercredi 3 août 2016

Richard Groenendijk on "Ranking the Stars": "Patty should play in a comedy act!"

Dutch comedian Richard Groenendijk is a regular candidate on BNN/NPO 3's panel game "Ranking the Stars". In the latest broadcast of the TV program, he paid Patty Brard a compliment. 

"I've told Patty seriously: "If you dared to sit on a stool, with a spotlight on you with cigarettes and a bottle of wine on the stage of "De Kleine Komedie" (the oldest theatre in Amsterdam) and if you told funny anecdotes, it would be a great stand-up comedy act," Richard said.

He even compared the Shownieuws diva with the late Joan Rivers

Soon Groenendijk will be back on RTL 4 with his "Jopie Parlevliet Show" and Miss Brard on SBS 6 with "Bonje Met De Buren".


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