lundi 1 août 2016

Patty on "Ranking the Stars": latest viewing figures

Patty Brard & Paul de Leeuw on "Ranking the Stars"

Yesterday, BNN/NPO 3's panel game "Ranking the Stars" featured Patty Brard as a candidate and drew 562.000 viewers (market share: 10.9%). The host of the program Paul de Leeuw told a stupid joke about "Patty reading the obituary page in newspapers to make sure that José Hoebee passed away". No comment....

Moreover, Patty asked Sabia Boulahrouz about the controversy related to her pregnancy which ended after she had a stillborn baby in December. The ex-girl friend of Dutch footballer Rafael van der Vaart put the record straight and told that she did carry a real baby. Last year, the Shownieuws diva wrote a column about the young woman for Weekend magazine. She insinuated that Sabia used a surrogate mother (click here to read the column). 

Patty's attitude towards Sabia changed after the two of them took part in SBS 6 show "MindMasters Live" and "Ranking the Stars".

Click here to watch "Ranking the Stars". 

Source: SKO, BNN/NPO 3, YouTube

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