samedi 20 août 2016

Luv's photonovel: episode 4

Earlier today, the latest episode of Luv's photonovel was posted on the group's official Facebook Page. Here's a translation in English: 

Because of the hectic schedule of our Luv' girls, there was less time to rest....

Walter (Luv's manager): Yes, I'm going to pick you up two hours earlier than planned because there is a photo session and a "Meet & Greet"

José: Oh no! I wanted to hunt for Pokemon for the first time.....I've heard many things about them and they seemed delicious on a barbecue......By the way: Who is Greet?....I've never heard of him or her!

Ria: Oh no! I'm gonna lose two hours from my flirt time...Grrr....

Marga: Help!....A photo session with this head....OK, I gotta prepare myself....

They were right on time and in a tunnel José had a technical question.....What do I have to do with this tunnel? If the CD player works, the radio should also work, right? Your equipement is not great, Walter!

Oh, we can explain it to you, Sé....Maybe in 6 hours...Hi hi

Source: Luv's Official Facebook Page

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