dimanche 28 août 2016

Jörgen Raymann: ‘Patty Brard is not racist’

Jörgen Raymann

Dutch entertainer and media personality Jörgen Raymann comes to Patty Brard's rescue after the scandal caused by her discriminatory comments towards Ajouad El Miloudi which were censored on "Ranking the Stars" (see news on August 26th, 2016). 

In yesterday's edition of Dutch newspaper "AD", Raymann (also a regular candidate on BNN's panel game) told that he did not appreciate that El Miloudi accused Patty of racism. "She was joking and told him that he had to go back to Morocco. She is used to jokes about her Papuan origin and she is not racist," Raymann told. "If you know Patty, you know it has nothing to do with discrimination and racism. If you attack her, she strikes back," he added.

In late 2014, Miss Brard appeared on Raymann's late-night talk show on NPO 1 (see news posted on November 30th, 2014). 

Source: AD, Mediacourant.nl

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