samedi 30 juillet 2016

Videos: Matt Pop Remixes (Luv') + Duinrell (José) + Show van de Maand (José)

* Last year saw the publication of "The Story of Luv" (a photo biography by Peter Boonstra including exclusive pictures of Holland's greatest girl group) (see news posted on May 2nd, 2015). Unfortunately, this book was rapidly banned due to copyright issues (see news posted October 18th, 2015). It contained a compilation "The Music of Luv" (released by Universal Music and featuring the hits from their heyday (1977 - 1981) as well as three bonus tracks). Two of these bonus songs were remixes of "Trojan Horse" and "Life Is On My Side" by Matt Pop

Last year, multi-talended Luv' fan René van Ooijen directed a video for "Trojan Horse 2015": 

Earlier this week he posted another video for "Life Is On My Side 2015" on YouTube:

* Recently, a video of José Hoebee singing a track for Dutch amusement park Duinrell has been uploaded to Youtube:

José - Waterkant

* Here are two interesting YouTube video of José on "Show van de Maand" broadcast initially on February 22nd, 1985 on AVRO.

José, Bonnie St Claire & Jerney Kaagman singing a Koos Alberts medley

José with fellow artists (Jerney Kaagman, Angela Groothuizen, Dianne Marchal, Bonnie St Claire and Circus Custers) singing "Stay A Little Bit Longer". 

Source: Facebook, YouTube

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