mercredi 6 juillet 2016

Unique videos: Luv' performing "My Man" and "Don't Let Me Down" on East German TV (1977)

Recently, unique videos of Luv' lip-syncing their debut single "My Man" and its B-side "Don't Let Me Down" on East German TV program "Rund" have been uploaded to YouTube. This performance happened in a special context. In 1977, the ladies went on a promo tour in the German Democratic Republic which was at the time a communist dictatorship linked with the Soviet Union. The Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain existed back then. 

At the time, Luv' had not experienced their breakthrough. "My Man" had already peaked at #12 on the Dutch Top 40 and #10 on the Belgian BRT Top 30. Unfortunately, it flopped in the Federal Republic of Germany and East Germany. One year later, the pop trio became a household name in large part of Continental Europe with the success of "You're the Greatest Lover". 

Because Luv's music was not dangerous for the socialist youth, the girls were allowed to perform on "Rund". In addition to Holland's greatest girl group, other Western pop bands and artists (including ABBA, Status Quo, Bonnie Tyler and Gianna Nannini) also sang on this music show. 

My Man

Don't Let Me Down

Source: YouTube (Nederpop80)

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