dimanche 3 juillet 2016

Patty's column about Dinand Woesthoff

Patty Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with Dutch singer Dinand Woesthoff. The SBS 6 diva admires the former lead singer of rock band "Kane". 

In 2003, he married Dutch actress Guusje Nederhorst in Las Vegas, Nevada. She died the following year from breast cancer, shortly after the birth of their son Dean. Dinand paid tribute to her by releasing the single "Dreamer (Gussie's song)" (performed with Kane) which hit the number one spot in the Netherlands and went platinum in 2004. He also helped to launch a series of children's books ("Woezel & Pip") which were conceived by Guusje and became a publishing phenomenon in Holland. In 2007, Dinand founded a charity named after his late wife to help children in need. 

In 2009, he wedded British Lucy Hopkins and later had two sons with her: Jimi (9 years old) and Che (5 years old). On June 24th, the third child of the couple was born: a girl named Leia "Guusje". Once again a homage to Dinand's first wife. Here's what the ex-member of Kane posted recently on Twitter to celebrate this special birth:

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Source: Weekend

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