lundi 4 juillet 2016

Patty pays tribute to Frank Awick

Recently, showbiz reporter Frank Awick left Dutch local channel AT5. He has been interviewing the crème de la crème of Dutch celebrities since the early 1990s. Among them: Patty Brard. The former Luv' singer has always been honest with him and often discussed touchy issues (including her bankruptcy and the death of her dear friend, iT owner Manfred Langer).

On July 1st, the "Shownieuws" diva paid tribute to Frank by posting a nice picture and a kind message to support him on Facebook.

A compilation of Frank's best interviews (Patty appears at 5:32) and his farewell party

In late 1996, Awick interviewed the original Luv' trio (Patty, José & Marga) for the AT5 special "Terug naar Luv" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the group.

Terug naar Luv' (1996)

Source: AT5, Facebook, YouTube

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