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Luv' TV performances in the 1980s

Photo montage by Marco Rens


* January 12th: Ooh, Yes I Do on Die aktuelle Schaubude (NDR), West Germany

February 11th: Ann-Maria and interview by Mies Bouwman on Telebingo (AVRO), Netherlands


* February 17th: Casanova, Ooh Yes I Do and U.O.Me on Heute hau'n wir auf die Pauke (ZDF), West Germany

February 25th: Ooh, Yes I Do on Disco (ZDF), West Germany


March 3rd: Ann-Maria (first taping) on AVRO's TopPop, Netherlands

March 7th: Ooh, Yes I Do on Midi Première (TF1), France

* March 8th: Ann-Maria on Showbizzquiz (TROS), Netherlands


* March 17th: Ann-Maria (second taping) on AVRO's TopPop, Netherlands 

March 23rd: Ooh, Yes I Do on Les Rendez-Vous Du Dimanche (TF1), France

* March 28th: This is True Luv' (TV special) on NCRV, Netherlands

Boys Goodnight

Rhythm 'n Shoes



Let There Be Love

* Unknown broadcast date: Ooh, Yes I Do and Boys Goodnight on Aplauso (TVE), Spain


* Unknown broadcast date: Ooh, Yes I Do on Musik und Gäste (Schweizer Fernsehen), Switzerland

* April 10th: Ann-Maria on Musikladen (Radio Bremen), Germany


April 20th: Ann-Maria on Chansons A La Carte (RTBF), Belgium

* May 3rd: Medley (Ooh, Yes I Do, Boys Goodnight, Ann-Maria, Rhythm 'n Shoes) on Stuif es uit (AVRO/Nederland 1), Netherlands


* May 17th: Ooh, Yes I Do on Numéro un Sacha Distel (TF1), France

May 17th: Ann-Maria on Die aktuelle Schaubude (NDR), West Germany

May 31st: One More Little Kissy on We Gaan Naar Rome (TROS), Netherlands

* Unknown broadcast date: performances on Mexican TV

* July 4th, 1980: rerun of This Is True Luv' (TV special) on NCRV, Netherlands - bonus track: One More Little Kissy 


* July 9th: One More Little Kissy on Vakantie in Nederland (Nederland 2), Netherlands

* August 3rd: rerun of Stuif es uit (AVRO/Nederland 1), Netherlands

* September 27th: One More Little Kissy on Boemerang (BRT), Belgium - Ria Thielsch's first TV appearance


* October 31st/November 14th and 21st:  My Number One on AVRO's TopPop, Netherlands


* Unknown broadcast date: promo video for My Number One on TV

November 8th: My Number One on Ted Show (NCRV), Netherlands

November 13th: My Number One on Musikladen (Radio Bremen), West Germany

* November 17th: My Number One on TROS Top 50/Rockplanet (TROS/Nederland 2), Netherlands

* November 19th: My Number One on Veronica Awards (Veronica), Netherlands

December 1st: My Number One on De Flip Fluitketel Show (TROS), Netherlands

* December 10th: Interview with Hans van Hemert about the music trends of 1981 and excerpt from Luv' on the Veronica Awards on Veronica Vandaag (Veronica), Netherlands

* Late December (unknown broadcast date): Mother of The Hearts (feat. José) on Telebingo (AVRO), Netherlands

* December 28th: Interview with Patty Brard about her departure from Luv' and an excerpt from My Number One on Jaaroverzicht Journaal 1980 (NOS), Netherlands


* June 1st: Memories of Luv' (rerun of All You Need Is Luv' special from November 1978) on TROS, Netherlands

July 22nd: Tingalingaling on Nederland Muziekland (Veronica), Netherlands

* December 4th: rerun of Ann-Maria on "De TROS 15 Jaar Nederlands Amusement" (TROS), Netherlands


* October 27th: You're the Greatest Lover on Samen (charity TV show hosted by Mies Bouwman on AVRO), Netherlands - reunion of Luv's original trio

Source: Beeld en Geluid, The Story of Luv' (Peter Boonstra), YouTube

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