jeudi 16 juin 2016

Hans van Hemert & Camee team up!!!

Luv' creator/songwriter/producer Hans van Hemert has produced new songs for a Dutch girl group called "Camee". The trio consists of Yente Eijsker (lead vocalist), Roline Hund and Iris de Schepper. Does history repeat itself? Three glamourous and talented ladies with an experienced producer....

The group's manager Marianne Huisman as well as Yente and Roline are Facebook friends of mine and they posted a nice picture on social media:

Roline, Iris, Hans & Yente

I wish the girls and Hans good luck!!! I can't wait to listen to the final result!!!

Last year, Camee released their debut single "I Wanna Tango With You":

Facebook page of Camee

It's not the first time that Hans van Hemert produces tracks for girl groups. In addition to Luv' and Camee, he wrote songs for Babe in 1981 as well as Lily Marlene and PattyCash (a group formed by Patty Brard) in the 1990s and Blinq Inc in 2005. 

Two exceptions to the rule are the Dutch #1 hit "Shine Up" (1980) and the Top 10 song "Dance On" by Doris D & The Pins (1981). Though Van Hemert was credited as one of the songwriters with Piet Souer as "Janschen & Janschens", the Maestro was not involved in the production of these tracks. Actually these songs were entirely written by Souer and Martin Duiser

Doris D & The Pins - Shine Up (1980)

Doris D & The Pins - Dance On (1981)

Babe - Tick-A-Thumps My Heart  (1981)

Lily Marlene - Give It Up (1994)

Patty Cash - Do You Wanna Fly (1997)

Blinq Inc - Hug (2005)

Source: Facebook, YouTube

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