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Ria Thielsch: Back in Luv' again!!!!

Because Ria Thielsch has recently joined Luv' for their comeback, the beautiful Indo-Dutch lady is once again in the spotlight.....more than 35 years after the first break-up of the trio.

Here's the portrait of the most discreet member of Luv'....

Ria was born in Manokwari, Indonesia, on August 25, 1951. At age 17, she started modelling. At that time, British model Twiggy was a global sensation.

At age 23, she became a limbo dancer in addition to her photo shoots. She was later part of the Ricardo & The Flames group which recorded in 1978 a single entitled "Trinidad" and produced by Roy Beltman (who collaborated previously with the band BZN). The record flopped.

In July 1980, Patty Brard left Luv' suddenly. A replacement had to be found. Luv' manager Pim ter Linde contacted Ria because of her resemblance to Patty. During her audition, she had to sing a Linda Ronstadt's song accompanied by Luv' arranger/conductor/producer Piet Souer on guitar. 

Her first performance with Luv' took place in Zevenhuizen on August 22nd, 1980 and  was supposed to be a one-off. Luv's team was hoping for Patty's return. Auditions with 200 other applicants were held but none of them could compete with Ria. Finally she was allowed to be a permanent member of the group in September 1980 after Patty's lawyer announced that her client would leave the trio definitively (see article posted on October 8th, 2016). 

On September 27th, the viewers discovered the new Luv' girl when she performed "One More Little Kissy" with her colleagues on "Boemerang", a Flemish TV program on BRT channel. 

Luv' on Boemerang (Ria's first TV appearance) in 1980

A few weeks later, Luv' released the pop single "My Number One" (a Top 5 hit in the Netherlands and Belgium) and the "Forever Yours" album. Ria was fully accepted by the fans.

Ria during the "My Number One" era (1980)

Luv' performing My Number One on AVRO's TopPop (1980)

The Dutch tabloid press was interested in Ria's past before Luv' and published several articles about her:

But in December 1980 Marga Scheide became overworked and suffered from a burn-out. She had to be on sick-leave for several weeks. 

In March 1981, Luv' announced their (first) break-up. The group made a farewell performance on July 22, 1981, on the "Nederland Muziekland" show on Veronica TV channel to promote the single "Tingalingaling". CNR/Carrere Records released the compilation "Goodbye Luv". It was supposed to be the end of Luv'. But there would be several comebacks with new members and even reunions of the original trio.

Luv' performing Tingalingaling on Nederland Muziekland (1981)

After Luv', Ria continued her modeling career until age 40. 

She kept on working in the fashion industry. She was even in charge of Luv's styling in the early 1990s. At the time, the line-up consisted of Marga, Diana van Berlo and Carina Lemoine.

Article (about Ria's partnership with Luv' 1990 line-up) published in "Story" magazine

In recent years, she took part in several meet'n greets with Marga and José: first Luv' fan club day in Breda in April 2003, release party of the "25 Jaar Na Waldolala" compilation in October 2003, fan club day in Eindhoven in May 2013 as well as the press launch and release party of "The Story of Luv" book in May 2015.

Ria & José (2003)

 René Moonen, José, Hans van Hemert and Ria at the release party of "25 Jaar Na Waldolala"

Luv' at a fan club meeting in Eindhoven (2013)

Luv' at the release party of "The Story of Luv"

Since 2013, Ria's niece, Maxime Barlag and her pop-folk band "Mister and Mississippi" have been successful in the Netherlands. Their two albums reached the Dutch Top 10 and they won severel prizes (including an Edison Award in the "Alternative" category). The group has been touring the pop-rock circuit in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. Ria has often expressed her admiration for her talented niece on Facebook.

Ria with Mister & Mississippi at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam in 2013

In late 2015, rumours about an umpteenth comeback of Luv' appeared in the media. The name of Ria was even mentioned (see news posted on November 25th, 2015). 

Last Christmas, Ria and the ladies had a dinner together with friends which caused a wave of positive reactions among fans (see news posted on December 27th, 2015). 

On March 16th, 2016, Dutch newspaper "De Telegraaf" and its sister magazine "Privé" announced that Marga, José and Ria wanted to resurrect Holland's greatest girl group. It's a new chapter in their lives. Recently they have revealed new plans (live shows including the prestigious "Studio 54" party in Antwerp and probably a new repertoire produced by Juan Cristobal Losada...). 

So I wish Ria and the girls good luck!!!

Luv' at the Studio 54 press conference earlier this week in Antwerp, Belgium

Photo courtesy of Co Rnz

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