vendredi 1 avril 2016

Patty in AD: "It's a pity that Luv' doesn't want to bury the hatchet"

Dutch newspaper AD posted a strange article yesterday on its website. Patty Brard (former member of Luv's original trio and a successful TV personality) doesn't take part in the current comeback of the girl group. The diva claims that she invited Luv's current line-up (José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and Ria Thielsch) to appear on SBS 6's talk show "Thuis op Zondag" to bury the hatchet. "But they don't want it. It's a pity," she told AD.

Last year, Patty was in conflict with José and Marga because of the publication of the photo book "The Story of Luv" (see news posted on June 11th, 2015). The announcement of Luv's reunion two weeks ago could have added fuel to the flames. Actually it didn't happen. Strange as it may seem, Patty seems to be supportive to her ex-colleagues. "I think that their forthcoming projects are great. I don't understand why they do it without me. I applaud their decision to come back. I'm happy that José is busy again," Patty said.

Miss Brard hoped that Marga, José and Ria wanted to sing on "Thuis op Zondag". "But they refused it. Maybe they don't want a confrontation," the enfant terrible explained. If she had been asked to be part of a reunion with Luv', she would not have accepted it. 

The invitation to "Thuis op Zondag" is maintained. "They are always welcome to have a talk and to sing on the show. They are allowed to do whatever they want. But they don't want it," the larger than life celebrity regretted.

Source:, 100% NL,

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