samedi 30 avril 2016

Patty and Bridget on "De Wereld Rond in 6 Stappen"

A couple of months ago, I announced on the blog that Bridget Maasland and Patty Brard would be working on an episode of Net 5's new reality program "Six Degrees" (recently renamed "De Wereld Rond In 6 Stappen") / see news posted on February 14th, 2016. The TV show is named after the "six degrees of separation" theory which says that all the humans are six or fewer steps away from each other.

The filming of the program has started recently. Patty has posted pictures on social media. The ladies are travelling the world to find a celebrity in 6 steps. They've been to Paris and Japan....but who is the famous person that they are looking for?

Bridget & Patty at Maison La Durée (Paris, France)

Pat & Brit in Japan

Source: Patty Brard on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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