jeudi 21 avril 2016

Luv' on the cover of "Weekend" with a dishonest headline!

The Luv' ladies appear on the cover of the latest issue of Weekend magazine with a sensationalist headline that says "Luv's comeback already a flop? No performances". This is typical of the tabloid press. 

Last month, Luv' chose De Telegraaf and Privé magazine to announce their comeback with a line-up featuring Ria Thielsch (Patty Brard's replacement) / see news posted on March 16th, 2016. At the moment, the group has not really worked on their new projects. Recently, Marga Scheide was on holidays in India. On Sunday, José Hoebee will be on vacation in Greece. The real preparation for the comeback will start in mid-May when the trio will go to Miami, FL to record new material produced by Juan Cristobal Losada. So why does Weekend talk about a failure whereas nothing has really started yet? By the way, Patty (who's not on good terms with her ex-colleagues) writes a weekly column in the celebrity gossip magazine. That explains this negative publicity. Moreover, Weekend used a picture of the ladies taken last year at the press launch of their photo book (before their recent makeover). The fact that Luv' gave an exclusive interview to De Telegraaf/Privé instead of Weekend may be another reason of this bad coverage.

Source: Weekend, Martin Vink

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