jeudi 10 mars 2016

Thuis op Zondag: Kim-Lian and Patty have fun together at the shooting range!!!

Last month, Patty Brard replaced Dirk Zeelenberg on SBS 6's program "Thuis Op Zondag". She co-hosted the TV show with Kim-Lian van der Meij. The diva expressed satisfaction on social media. She was very happy with her collaboration with Kim-Lian. Patty explained that she wanted to host "Thuis Op Zondag" permanently with her (see news posted on February 15th, 2016). 

Last Sunday, the ex-Luv' singer was supposed to co-host the talk show once again but she cancelled her participation due to an illness (see news posted on March 6th, 2016). 

Recently, during a sequence in a shooting range which is used for the next episode, La Brard made her colleague laugh so hard that she fell on the floor. A video of this funny moment has been posted on the Twitter account of "Thuis Op Zondag". Click here to watch it.

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