samedi 5 mars 2016

Patty positive about Albert Verlinde!

Patty Brard and Albert Verlinde have not been on good terms for years. They are competitors. The former Luv' singer is an expert on SBS 6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" whereas the managing director of Stage Entertainment Netherlands is working on RTL 4's show "RTL Boulevard".

Albert often dissed Patty on many occasions on TV. 

In late 2013, La Brard took her revenge when she interviewed Ruud Schepers, the toyboy of Albert's then husband, Onno Hoes (Mayor of Maastricht). The media referred to this media circus as the "Onno Gate" (see news posted on December 16th, 2013). 

One year later, Albert stroke back by telling that Patty's wedding party was a fiasco and that the diva and her husband Antoine van de Vijver neglected their guests. The larger than life TV personality was irritated (see news posted on November 29th, 2014). 

On March 1st, the SBS 6 star said something positive about his rival on "Shownieuws". Currently, Albert and his former spouse Onno remain good friends. "After 22 years of love and sorrow, I think it's very nice that Verlinde and his ex Onno Hoes are still friends," Patty said. "They were spotted last Sunday in Amsterdam South when the weather was fine. They walked arm in arm to Rons Gastrobar where they had a good dinner. This is near Albert's appartment at the Vondelpark. One thing is sure: they're good friends but what will happen next? We will be informed about it later," she added.


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