jeudi 17 mars 2016

Patty Brard's latest media news

Shownieuws, Fan Club Meeting, Column about "Met de deur in huis", Alvin & The Chipmunks (Box Office Top 20)

Patty Brard is still busy in the media whereas her ex-colleagues are making a comeback with Luv'.

* Here are the latest viewing figures of the 10.50 pm edition of "Shownieuws" (SBS 6's entertainment news program featuring Patty as an expert).

  • March 13th: 874.000 viewers (market share: 22.6%) - with Airen Mylene (as the anchor)
  • March 16th: 231.000 (market share: 5.3%) - with Kees Tol (as the anchor) - broadcast on SBS 9 due to UEFA Champions League coverage on SBS 6

Source: SBS 6, SBS 9, Patty Brard on Facebook and Twitter, SKO

* A third fan club meeting will be held on June 18th as Patty's Facebook page has reached 30.000 friends. Further details about this event will be communicated later.

Source: Patty Brard's Facebook Page

* Patty's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with SBS 6's new comedy panel game show "Met de deur in huis" (hosted by Kees Tol and Tineke Schouten). The program is based on British TV format "Through the Keyhole" which features the host going around celebrities' houses and then getting a panel of other celebrities to try to guess who the famous homeowner is. The former Luv' singer is part of the panel with Ruben van der Meer and Maik de Boer

Click here to read the column.

Source: Weekend

* Here are the latest box office results of "Alvin en de Chipmunks: Road Trip" (Dutch version of American animated film "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip" featuring Patty as a voice actress).

  • Position on the Box office Top 20 (from March 10th to March 16th 2016): #12
  • Weeks on the Top 20: 6
  • Box office to date:  € 3.157.404

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