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35th anniversary of Luv's (first) break-up

In early March 1981, Luv's manager Pim ter Linde announced the group's break-up to the media. This bad news came as no suprise as the trio was suffering from internal troubles. 

The real problems started in July 1980 when Patty Brard suddenly left the Netherlands to go to the United States (see article posted on August 22nd, 2015). She was romantically involved with Los Angeles-based producer Carlo Nasi who later released her solo records. When her departure was confirmed, Ria Thielsch replaced her (see article posted on October 8th, 2015 ). 

The new Luv' line-up released the hit single "My Number One" and the "Forever Yours" album in the autumn of 1980 (see articles posted on November 17th, and December 13th, 2015). Shortly after the promotion of these records, Marga Scheide became overworked. Luv' could not be considered as a real active group as they stopped their stage and TV performances (see article posted on December 31st, 2015). The Dutch gossip press took great delight in covering every bad career moves. 

Meanwhile, Luv's entourage (their producers and management) were busy with other projects. Piet Souer (who co-wrote the ladies repertoire with Hans van Hemert) got a #1 single entitled "Shine Up" in Holland and Belgium with another female pop act: Doris D. & The Pins. In an interview published on February 21st 1981 in the newspaper "Het Vrije Volk", Souer said about the uncertain future of the trio: "A lot has got to do with motivation. If the girls work hard for it, they'll be back for good". Unfortunately, the motivation had gone

Marga was on sick leave until February 1981 and after her recovery Luv' was supposed to take part in the taping of three TV shows in France. One day before their departure for Paris, the singers cancelled their work commitments. 

It was the end of a brief and intense international success story (1977-1981). 12 singles, 4 albums, 13 gold and platinum records, a string of hits scored in a dozen countries, one Dutch export award (Conamus Export Prize), 7 million records sold, TV shows, magazines covers...Luv' can be proud of their achievement. This dissolution did not mean the end of their career. There would be several reunions of the original line-up in the future.

Press clippings

De Telegraaf, February 12th, 1981 (Piet Souer is enjoying success with Doris D. & The Pins as Luv' is in trouble)

Het Vrije Volk, February 21st, 1981

De Telegraaf, February 24th, 1981

Het Vrije Volk, March 3rd, 1981

Het Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, March 4th, 1981

Leeuwarder Courant, March 4th, 1981

De Telegraaf, March 5th, 1981

De Telegraaf, March 5th, 1981

De Telegraaf, March 7th, 1981

Source:, The Story of Luv' (by Peter Boonstra)....

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