dimanche 14 février 2016

Recap: José's backing vocals

José has been an experienced recording artist since the 1970s. 

Recently, Hollandia Music released an eurosceptic carnival track "Neuro van de euro" performed by Dutch entertainer Johan Vlemmix. This satire against the European currency features the background vocals of José Hoebee. The former Luv' singer co-produced the track with her friend Frank Riesenbeck. She has remained very discreet about this anti-Euro song which is different from her public image. A German version of the single entitled "Neuro von der Teuro" has also come out.

Click here to buy a copy of the CD single "Neuro van de euro".
The song is also available on Deezer, Bandcamp and Spotify

It's not the first time that José recorded background vocals. In addition to her career with Luv' and her solo efforts, she has also been a backup singer for other artists. In the 1980s, some of her vocal contributions were not credited. Before the Milli Vanilli scandal, it was common practise in the music industry.

Luv' fan Co Rnz helped me to set up a list of recordings featuring José as a backing vocalist. I would like to thank him for his knowledge.
  • Babe: "Tick-A-Thums-My-Heart" (performed with Marga Scheide and produced by Hans van Hemert) - taken from the album "Blitzers" (TTR, 1981)

  • David Soul: "That’s enough for me" - taken from the album "The Best Days Of My Life" (Philips, 1981)
  • Doris D & The Pins: "I wanna be loved by you", "The Marvellous Marionettes", "Bad luck Honey", "Higher and Higher" - taken from the album "Doris D And The Pins" (Utopia, 1981)

  • Bloem: "Ik wil alleen bij jou zijn", "Omdat" - taken from the album "Bloemstukken" (CNR, 1982)

  • Lucy Steymel: "Midnight", "Red-handed", "You’re breaking my heart woman", "Night without you" - taken from the album "Three's A Charm" (CBS, 1982)

  • Nancy Dubbeldeman:  "Tonight you belong to me" (Carrere, 1983)

  • Dianne Marchal: "It’s my time now" (Carrere, 1983)

  • Benny Neyman: "Een dag in Parijs" - taken from the album "Het Zwarte Goud" (CNR, 1984)

  • Tina Selini: "I know about you", "All of my life", "Just in Time" - taken from the album "Tina Selini" (RCA, 1988)

  • Nikos Ignatiadis: "Timmy’s song" - taken from the album "The Olympous Symphony(CNR,1988)

Source: Co Rnz, Discogs.nl, YouTube

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