lundi 22 février 2016

Patty apologizes to Queen Maxima

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands make-up free as she arrived at Islamabad airport in Pakistan on February 9th

In her latest column for Weekend magazine, Patty Brard apologizes to Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. On February 9th, Bridget Maasland anchored "Shownieuws" for the last time (see news posted on February 14th, 2016). Patty and Koos van Plateringen took part in the program. One of items dealt with Queen Maxima's visit to Pakistan as part of her role as UN secretary special advocate for inclusive finance for development. The  sovereign was pictured make-up free and in lose clothing as she arrived at Benazir Bhutto international airport after an 11-hour flight from her home in Holland. Patty made funny comments on the queen's appearance which provoked Bridget's laughter. 

Click here to read the column.

Source: Weekend

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