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"Red Light" by Patty Brard (30th anniversary)

Front cover of "Red Light" (album) by Patty Brard

30 years ago, Patty Brard wanted to give a boost to her singing career with the release of the dance-pop single "Red Light" taken from her third studio album of the same name. 

After her departure from Luv' in the summer of 1980, Patty was very active and wanted to prove that she could be successful on her own. With the support of her then highly influential husband, Italian music publisher Carlo Nasi, she released solo records (including "Hold On To Love" which became a hit single in the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa in 1981). The follow-up records flopped. 

For two years (1983-1985), the all-round entertainer found her salvation on television. She co-hosted the popular hidden camera TV show "Bananasplit" with Ralf Inbar. The former Luv' singer also had the privilege to present the 1985 edition of the "Sanremo Festival" on RAI Uno in Italy with Pippo Baudo (see article posted on February 14th, 2015). Miss Brard was hoping for a breakthrough in Dante's country. But the ex-Luv' lady did not achieve her goal. 

Because she settled down in Los Angeles, CA, with Carlo, the diva had plans in America. She was rumoured to be involved in American TV series (including a role in a sequel to "Charlie's Angels" and in "Falcon Crest"). But these projects never saw the light of day. 

In late 1985, La Brard hit the wall and had to move on. Carlo and she launched a record label named "Striped Horse" (a division of Allegiance Records) which released her "Red Light" album and exclusive material of Ike & Tina Turner

"Red Light" (the song) was written by Trevor Veitch and Jai Winding. Veitch was very productive in the 1980s. Among the singers he worked with were Toni Basil ("Mickey") and Laura Branigan ("Gloria"). Winding was a sought-after session keyboard player who later became the musical director of Madonna's world tours "Blonde Ambition" (1990) and "Girlie Show" (1993). 

Article published in Limburgs Dagblad on December 21st, 1985

The music video for "Red Light" was shot in Frascati (near Rome) and featured extras who appeared in Federico Fellini's movies. 

All the essential ingredients for success were there: a well-produced catchy song and a great video. However, the single was a minor hit in Holland. It missed the Dutch Top 40 and only peaked at #48 on the Nationale Hitparade in early February 1986. 

Front cover of "Red Light" (single)

When Patty promoted the song in the media, she expressed her intention to have an international career. She wanted to be part of the "American dream". "Red Light" didn't achieve the desired results. Due to its lack of popularity, Patty interrupted her music career for several years and focused on TV projects. 

Red Light (Music Video) 

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