vendredi 8 janvier 2016

Patty's beauty tips at Amstelzijde Kliniek

Last month, Patty Brard and Dutch actor/singer Guido Spek shot a video at Amstelzijde Kliniek (a plastic and cosmetic surgery clinic in Amstelveen, NL) for (see news posted on December 12th, 2015). Actually the SBS 6 diva wanted to give her friend and make-up artist Conny van der Kroon a special beauty treatment handled by Dr. Hayri Hortoglu. Guido was behind the camera. 

Recently, the video of this beauty treatment was posted on Patty's YouTube channel:

Moreover, Miss Brard has just posted on Instagram a nice picture of herself with Dr. Hortoglu (that she compares with Georges Clooney):

Source: YouTube, Instagram

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