dimanche 3 janvier 2016

Patty in 100%NL magazine: "I have acting ambitions"

The latest issue of 100%NL magazine features an interview with Patty Brard. The SBS 6 star answered questions of her "Showniews" colleague Koos van Plateringen. Pictures of the two TV personalities on an ice rink were taken for the magazine.

Koos & Patty

When asked what her plans for 2016 were, the former Luv' singer answered that besides "Shownieuws" and "Bonje met de buren" she had acting ambitions and was "developing interesting things". Currently, the diva is working on a TV mystery series featuring herself as an Indo-Dutch woman who has a restaurant in The Hague and who solves crimes. "It's a beautiful project," she says. "And we've decided that if TV channels are not interested, we have to see if the municipality considers it as a good idea. We are in negotiation with them, "she adds.

Patty's acting experience is limited if you compare it with her career on TV and in music. She appeared in four movies: "Odyssée d'Amour"(1987), "Costa!" (2001), "Spion van Oranje" (2009) and "Sinterklaas en de pepernoten chaos" (2013). She had a role in "Costa!" (the TV series) in 2001. Moreover, she dubbed characters voices in four animated comedies: How to train your dragon (2010), Lilly the Witch: the Journey to Mandolan (2011) and Legends of Valhalla: Thor (2012) and  Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (that will open in Dutch theaters on February 3rd). 

Source: 100%NL magazine, De Telegraaf, Televizier....

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