vendredi 4 décembre 2015

Peter R. de Vries reacts to Patty's column

Peter R. De Vries on RTL Boulevard (December 2nd)

Two days ago, Dutch investigative journalist and crime reporter Peter R. de Vries reacted to Patty Brard's column in Weekend on "RTL Boulevard" (RTL 4's entertainment news show). The diva was very negative about De Vries because of his so-called "arrogant" behaviour on SBS 6's mentalist talent show "MindMasters Live" (see news posted on December 2nd, 2015). "I was touched. I'm on Miss Brard's blacklist," he told Albert Verlinde of RTL Boulevard sarcastically. "The feature of MindMasters is to let people see things that don't exist. Patty is very good at it. Look, I was myself there and I worked well with everybody. I haven't read the column. I never read Weekend." he added. 

SBS kept its distance from Patty's comments and was satisfied with De Vries' contribution to its TV show.

Click here to watch Peter R. de Vries on RTL Boulevard.

Source: RTL Boulevard, De Telegraaf,

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