dimanche 20 décembre 2015

Patty's latest media news

Shownieuws, the new "K3", Vier Handen op een Buik, Ranking the Stars (Christmas and New Year's specials), Column about The Voice in Weekend, Benefit dinner for LINDA.foundation

Latest viewing of the 11.00 pm edition of "Shownieuws" (entertainment news program on SBS 6 featuring Patty Brard as an expert):
  • December 14th: 896.000 viewers / market share: 21.3%
  • December 15th: 1.025.000 viewers / market share: 20.3%
  • December 16th: 555.000 viewers / market share: 10.2%
Airen Mylene & Patty Brard on Shownieuws (December 19th)

Source: SBS 6, SKO, Patty Brard on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

* On December 12th, Patty attended the concert of K3's new line-up at the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, NL. In early November, the new members of the Dutch-Flemish girl group were recruited via a talent show on SBS 6 (see news posted on November 7th, 2015). They share the stage with their predecessors until April 17th. On December 14th, Patty gave her opinion about the new "K3" on "Shownieuws". She enjoyed the show but she admitted that the girls didn't have the level of the old members yet. 

Patty, her husband Antoine, Dutch actor Guido Spek and friends with the new K3

Source: Patty Brard's Twitter and Instagram accounts, Shownieuws, Televizier

* On December 15th, the former Luv' singer started the taping of BNN's forthcoming reality show "Vier Handen op een Buik" (in which she supports a teen mother until the childbirth). The new season of this TV program will start to air on January 5th at 8.00 pm on BNN/NPO 3. Last month, Patty wrote a column about it for Weekend (see news posted on November 12th, 2015).

Source: De Telegraaf, Televizier

* On December 16th, Patty took part in the taping of the Christmas and New Year's specials of BNN/NPO 3's panel game "Ranking with the Stars" (hosted by Paul de Leeuw) with other Dutch celebrities (including Anny Schilder, Richard Groenendijk, Bridget MaaslandFrans Duijts and Fred van Leer).

Patty & Co. on "Ranking the Stars"

Source: Patty Brard on Twitter and Instagram, Televizier, Mediacourant.nl

* Miss Brard's latest column for Weekend magazine deals with the jury of the latest season of RTL 4's talent show "The Voice of Holland". Click here to read her text. 

The jury of TVOH 2015: Ali B, Anouk, Miss Montreal & Marco Borsato

Source: Weekend

* On January 16th, the SBS 6 diva and Jochem van Gelder (her colleague from "Bonje met de buren") will participate in a benefit dinner for LINDA.foundation (a charity launched by media personality Linda de Molat the Kasteel Nijenrode in Breukelen, NL.

Click here for details.

Source: Lindanieuws.nl

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