samedi 7 novembre 2015

Patty Brard on "K3 Zoekt K3" (Final)

The new K3

Yesterday, Patty Brard attended the final of the talent show "K3 zoekt K3" (aired simultaneously on SBS 6 in the Netherlands and on VTM in Belgium). The aim of the TV program was to find the new members of Dutch-Flemish girl group "K3".  Hanne Verbruggen, Klaasje Meijer and Marthe De Pillecyn won the competition. 

Gerard Joling and Niels Destadsbader interview the new K3

Patty briefly appeared on the program. In 2009, she was part of the jury of "K2 Zoekt K3" when the trio went through a line-up change. At the time, Josje Huisman was chosen to replace Kathleen Aerts

K3 zoekt K3 reached a viewership of 3.6 millionIn the Netherlands, the talent show drew 1.255.000 viewers (market share: 17.5%) with a peak of 1.892.000 viewers (market share: 32%) when the results were announced. In Belgium, the TV program attracted 1.8 million viewers

Patty expressed satisfaction about these good viewing figures on Twitter.

Source: SBS 6, VTM, SKO, Patty Brard's Twitter account, TV-visie....

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