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MindMasters Live removed from SBS 6 schedule

Patty and mentalist Edwin

SBS 6 has just announced that "MindMasters Live" is removed from its schedule because of bad viewing figures. Yesterday, the second episode of the mentalist talent show (featuring Patty Brard in the jury) only attracted 496.000 viewers (market share: 7.2%). This is a complete failure for a prime time show. "MindMasters" didn't enter SKO's Dag Top 25 (the daily list of the 25 most-watched programs (conceived by Stichting KijkOnderzoek, Holland's audience measurement company). The TV program lost the ratings war against "The Voice of Holland" (RTL 4 - 2.397.000 viewers / market share: 34.7%), "DWDD University" (NPO 1 - 1.212.000 viewers / market share: 17.4%) and 2 Voor 12 (NPO 2 - 775.000 viewers / market share: 11.5%). Moreover, although #MindmastersLive was a trending topic on Twitter, the majority of tweets were negative. 

MindMasters Live featured mentalists divided in two teams led by Walter Rolfo and Uri Geller. The contestants were judged by Dutch celebrities. Mentalist Edwin was eliminated from the competition. 

The jury of MindMasters Live

An incident occured during an act: the mobile phone number of TV personality Kees Tool was revealed. The producer of the program, Stepping Stone, apologized to the young man.

Last week, the TV show had already scored disappointing viewing figures due to a major KPN outage in the Netherlands, leaving some 1.8 million people without television on Friday evening (see news posted on November 22nd, 2015). SBS 6 hoped that the situation would improve the following week. The channel counted on the presence of Sabia Engizek in the jury to boost TV ratings. The ex-girl friend of Dutch footballer Rafael van der Vaart has been the target of German and Dutch tabloid press for years and her participation in the talent show was used as a publicity stunt. 

Patty with mentalist Stefan

Patty with Mentalist Edwin

Despite this lack of success, Patty had fun. She posted backstage pictures on Instagram:

Sabia Engizek, Patricia Paay, Patty Brard, Kay Nambiar and Roxeanne Hazes

Roxeanne Hazes and Patty Brard

Patricia Paay and Patty Brard

Source: SBS 6, YouTube, Twitter, SKO, Mediacourant....

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