mardi 3 novembre 2015

Marga Scheide on Douwe Bob (Eurovision Song Contest entrant)

Douwe Bob

Last month, Story magazine asked Dutch celebrities (including former member of Luv' Marga Scheide, Henny Huisman, ex-Babe singer Gemma van Eck, Antje Monteiro and Maggie MacNeal) to tell their opinion on Douwe Bob (who will represent the Netherlands at the 61st Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm in 2016). 

"I don't know what to think about this artist. I saw his name somewhere but I can't remember any song of him. What disturbs me is that there was no preselection or a jury to choose him. I think that anybody can submit a song for this international festival. We have excellent songwriters and lyricists in our country but now all of them are sidelined," Marga said about the young man.

Douwe's participation in the music competition was announced by Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS on September 22nd. In 2012, he won the talent show "The Best Singer-Songwriter of the Netherlands" (created and presented by 3 FM DJ Giel Beelen). His latest album "Pass it on" (released in May by Universal Music) reached Nr. 1 on the Dutch Album Top 100 and featured the song "Hold Me" (a duet with Anouk) which peaked at #2 on the Single Top 100

Anouk & Douwe Bob

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