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Interview with Marga Scheide (Moov.nl)

Marga Scheide rarely gives interviews. Earlier this year, she accepted to answer the questions of Perry Krootjes (of Dutch website Moov.nl).

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Perry and Marga on August 15th

Here's the English translation for non-Dutch Luv' fans:

Marga Scheide was born on February 15th, 1954 in Amsterdam and worked as photo model for several years. In 1976, she became a Luv' singer with Patty Brard and José Hoebee. In 1978, Luv' recorded the theme song from the VPRO series "Het is weer zo laat!". They scored two number-one hits "You're the Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse" the same year. In 1979, the group received a Conamus Export Prize for being Holland's best export act. Their music was popular is countries like Germany, France and Switzerland.

In 1980, Ria Thielsch replaced Patty Brard. In 1981, the group broke up. José, Marga and Ria took part in a celebrity multi-sport event (Hitkrant Zomerspelen) the same year. They gave a farewell performance on the TV show "Nederland Muziekland". Between 1982 and 1986, Marga released solo records. In 1988, Luv's original line-up reunited on a TV charity show hosted by Mies Bouwman. Then Marga relaunched Luv' with two other singers (Diana van Berlo and Michelle Gold).

In 1990, British girl Michelle Gold left the female trio and was replaced by Carina Lemoine. The new Luv' was active until 1992. In 1993, the original trio and record producer Hans van Hemert gave an interview on the VARA TV program "De Verleiding". Patty, José and Marga performed on the popular TV program "Staatsloterijshow" and gave a memorable performance at the It Club in Amsterdam. Luv' also went on a promo tour through other European countries. The original Luv' trio remained active until 1996.

Luv' reunited once again in 2005 to celebrate the 40th business anniversary of Hans van Hemert. In May 2006, Luv' was one of the "super surprise acts" during three concerts of De Toppers at the Amsterdam ArenA. RTL 5 aired "Back In Luv" (a reality program about their comeback). Luv' was still popular and performed regularly in the Netherlands. In 2006, Marga took part in the first season of celebrity figure skating program "Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs" on SBS 6 and finished ninth. She was the oldest female competitor. In 2011, she participated in the cooking program "Komen Eten" on SBS 6. Patty, José and Marga decided to disband later. Since 1999, Marga has a second home in Ibiza and still lives in Naarden, North Holland. Luv's last live performance took place at Dance Valley festival in 2012. Perry of Moov.nl talked to the friendly and smiling Marga Scheide in a restaurant in Hilversum for an interview for the internet site.

001. Did you play music before live performances?

Marga: No, we talked before our shows. We did it for 36 years and it became a routine. One day before the gig, we made sure that we had everything in mind. The technicians cared about the sound on the day we had to perform. We didn't need sound checks. We always sang the same songs. However we didn't do it with autopilot. Every performance was different.

002. How important is music in your private life?

Marga: Very important. It would be hard to spend holidays without music. Everywhere I go there's music. Even if I don't play an instrument. In the past, I wanted to take guitar lessons. But I didn't have the patience to do it.

003. What is your favourite sport? Do you still practise sport?

Marga: I only watch very important football matches on TV like the UEFA European Championship and the FIFA World Cup. When I play tennis against Michiel (Marga's partner), it's hard to win, haha. It's because he used to be a tennis coach. He gives me advice so I can improve my technique.

004. Before your singing career you were photo model for six years. What do you think about these years?

Marga: My work as a photo model was a good way to make money. I also took part in beauty pageants: Miss Holland (1972, 1973 and 1977), Miss Young International 1973 and Miss Europe 1975. I liked to travel a lot because of these competitions. I went to America, Japan and many other countries. I had the opportunity to discover the world. I was very proud of my participation in Miss Young International 1973 in Japan. Everybody wanted to pose with me for photos. Even if they didn't know who I really was, haha.

005. You were a Luv' singer for 36 years. How important was Luv' for your career?

Marga: Yes it's true, 36 years. Sometimes there were years when we didn't perform. Luv' has been very important in my career. We were number one in Mexico and in Germany we were very successful. Germany is a bigger country and more people live there. You can make more money there than in the Netherlands. In 1976 when we started I knew less things than now. I made contributions to the concept of Luv'. Every week we met at the office to test new ideas. In 1988 I wanted to go on with Luv'. José had a child and Patty had other projects. Two singers were recruited to be part of a new trio. But I missed the original line-up very much.

006 If you had to name a Luv' track and a solo song you are the most proud of, which ones would they be?

Marga: As far as Luv' is concerned, I would choose "You're the Greatest Lover" from 1978. Because of the interaction with the audience. The aim of the track was to put the public's hands up in the air. And that's what happened. It was nice to see it.

As for my solo career, I would choose "Love Symphony" from 1983. The track was released with a white sleeve in the USA. People thought I was a black singer. The song aired on Black radio stations. When the record entered the charts, they wanted to shoot a music video. It was the end of the success of the song in America. They found out I was white. At the time white artists could not be broadcast on Black networks. Actually I could have been more successful with this track. "Love Symphony" was produced by Jacques Zwart (Marga's partner who died in 2003). In addition to his production work, Jacques was also arranger, lyricist and singer of the group "Het". He worked with Luv' and other bands. That's how we met.

007. In 2006 you took part in the TV program "Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs"? Did you ice-skate before this talent show?

Marga: I did not ice-skate at all. When the producers of the show met me for the first time, I told them I didn't want to participate. Finally they convinced me and I appreciated my participation in the program. I had no regrets. My skating partner was the Czech David Szurman who was very nice. It was hard to learn ice-skating but it was also hard for David to adapt to someone who could not skate. He was very patient with me. We're still in touch when he comes to Holland. When the weather is right in the Netherlands, I tend to ice-skate. It's because of my participation in the TV program. I attended shows of "Holiday On Ice" to see David's performances. I didn't appreciate the fact that former ice skaters took part in the competition. That's how ex-skater Hein Vergeer won the contest. It's not fair towards other competitors who were less experienced.

008. In 2011, you competed in the cooking program "Komen Eten" (Dutch version of  "Come Dine With Me"). How did it happen?

Marga: I watched the first season on TV. Then the producers asked me for the second season. Every week there were four candidates who had to compete for four days. Every day one of them was the host and the other candidates had to rate the meal and the atmosphere. One episode featured Dutch celebrities. I think I'm a good cook. But the atmosphere is also important to me. I think it was nice to participate. My favourite dish (that I eat daily) is Sashimi. It's a Japanese dish made of raw fish with salmon and tuna accompanied by soy sauce and wasabi.

009. What can we expect from you in the future from a showbiz perspective?

Marga: I officially stopped my activities in showbiz in 2012. In 2016 Luv' will celebrate their 40th anniversary. It should be nice to celebrate it. Maybe fans will organize something. But nothing has been decided. 

Interview: Perry Krootjes 

Source: perrykrootjes.jouwweb.nl/, Facebook (Co Rnz)

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